Painting With Fluid Acrylic Techniques

I love the idea of sitting down with brush in hand to paint a fabulous piece of artwork, but the reality is painting is not my strength.  I love arts and crafts, but drawing and painting are not my area of expertise.  That is, until I learned about painting with fluid acrylics.  This is a fun way to create colorful designs and the best part about it is that anyone can do it- even kids!

You’ll love the abstract designs that you can create.  All you need are some acrylic paints, water and a canvas.  Here’s a look at a few of the techniques.  I hope you enjoy them!

Fluid Acrylic Tutorial

Video by pogart2000

Drip Technique for Painting With Acrylics

Here’s an alternate technique that is done with the canvas in a vertical position so that the paint drips down to form an abstract design.  Use a water bottle to spray the canvas to get the drips and blending.  You can also use a sponge to help create depth and detail.

Video by James Kruse

How to Make Acrylic Skins

This technique shows you how to use a liquid medium to create a painting that can be peeled off and used in a collage.  So you’re using the same dripping technique, but the medium is used rather than water to thin out the paint.  The result is a cool skin that simply peels off the canvas when dry.

Video by cheapjoes


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