How to Make Flubber With the Kids

If your kids love playing with Play Dough or clay, then they’ll love flubber.  One of the great things about making flubber is that it’s not just a fun craft project for the kids, but it’s also a mini-science lesson.  Kids will ooh and ahh as they watch the mixture come together and transform from a liquid to a solid.

The recipe for flubber is easy.  You’ll have 2 bowls of ingredients that you will then combine to make the flubber.

Bowl #1:

1 cup of white glue

3/4 cup warm water

food coloring

–Stir to combine

Bowl #2:

1/2 cup warm water

2 teaspooons Borax

–Stir to combine and dissolve Borax

Pour bowl #1 into bowl #2 and watch the flubber magic begin.  Here’s a video to show it to you in action.

How to Make Flubber – The Best Kid’s Craft Video

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How to Make Flubber

Let the kids mix-up the flubber with their hands.  That’s what makes this craft fun for kids.  They get to get their hands dirty!  Store the flubber in an air-tight container and you’ll be able to enjoy playing with it again and again.

Photo of Flubber by Mellissa Hillier



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