How to Make a Silk Ribbon Embroidery Iris

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Iris Flower

Here’s a look at how to make 3 different types of iris flowers using silk ribbon embroidery. I love silk ribbon embroidery because it adds such depth and texture to whatever you choose to create. Unlike cross-stitch and needlepoint where the stitches are very flat, using silk ribbon lets you play around with the designs more and take a “free-hand” approach to your project.

I love this tutorial by Crafty Attic because she does a beautiful job showing you how to create a cluster of Iris flowers. And best of all, I love this tip that I learned.

TIP: Do all of your embroidery using white silk ribbon and then use Pro Marker pens to color the ribbon. Not only does this allow you to just keep one color of ribbon on hand rather than dozens, it also lets you blend your colors and get a much more realistic looking flower.

How to Make Silk Ribbon Iris


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