Glass Painting With Stippling

There are so many ways to create beautiful glass pieces with painting.  One way is with sponging and stippling.  Similar to stenciling in the application of the paint, stippling uses different brushes and materials to apply the paint to the glass.

I love the blend of colors that you can achieve by sponging and stippling.  You can use tape to break-up the paint and to help create different patterns and effects.

One of the nice things about stippling is that you can’t go wrong.  Too much of one color?  No problem, just dab on a bit more of another color and blend as your heart desires.  This is also a fun painting technique to do with kids.

Glass Painting: Sponging and Stippling

Sponging and Stippling with glass paints to get a range of finishes. This video by Alan and Barry uses a thick “pipe and peel” waterbased paint. For other gl…


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