Make Your Own Sun Dyed Fabric

I love it when you can take advantage of natural resources to make art.  One of the best resources of course is the sun.  Melted crayon art is great fun for the kids, but what about a more grown-up project that you can use for a DIY project for the home?

Sun Dyed Fabric

This chair was reupholstered with a beautiful sun dyed fabric.  It’s a really easy technique that lets you design any pattern you’d like.  All you have to do is use leaves or other objects to create the pattern.  The sun magically works with the dye to change the color of the fabric that surrounds your pattern.  SheKnows has a great tutorial for this project.

Sun Dyed Fabric

I love that you can use the fabric for any project you’d like.  This fabric was used to reupholster a chair, but it could have been used to make a pillow, handbag, or t-shirt.

How about letting your kids help create a pattern and then using the fabric to make something for them?  I can only imagine what flowery design my 4 year old daughter would come up with.  And of course the fabric would have to be turned pink, purple or orange for her.  I think I see a pretty sundress project on my horizon.


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