How to Felt With a Resist

Felted Bag

When I saw this beautiful bag I immediately went searching for more information on how to properly felt a bag using a resist. I’ve done needle felting, wet felting and I’ve felted knit bags, but I’ve never felted with a resist. In simple terms, a resist is a template that you use to help create the shape of what you’d like to make. It’s how you can make a felted purse like this one from Magic Felting.

Using a Template for Felting

When you wet felt with a template, you felt your fibers around the template and then remove it before you finish up the project. In addition to using this technique for felting bags, it’s also how you can make felted hats and berets like this one.


Felted Beret

Image of felted beret by Kristina.Foley via Flickr CC 2.0

Felting Tutorial

Here’s a great video to help walk you through the process of creating a felted object using a resist.

Visit Terri Pike’s website FeltingLessons. The name truly does say it all! Her website has all the info you need to give wet felting or Nuno felting a try.

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