Free Crochet Patterns for Christmas

The leaves are falling and with every passing day I think more and more about Christmas and the holidays ahead. I love this time of year and in just a few weeks I’ll start decorating the house to make it warm and festive. That gives me plenty of time to make some new Christmas decorations to put on display around the house.

Free Crochet Patterns to Make for Christmas

Crochet Christmas Tree Decoration

Free pattern for Crochet Christmas Tree Decoration

Crochet Christmas Garland

Free pattern for Christmas garland with crochet berries and blooms.  I really like this pattern because you can vary the colors that you use, which makes it perfect for any holiday season.  Crochet one for Christmas and then make another one to celebrate the bright colors of spring and Easter.

Crochet Nativity Ornament

Free crochet pattern for nativity ornament


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