Crocheted Wedding Bouquet

I came across this beautiful crocheted wedding bouquet and I just had to share it. I think that it’s absolutely amazing! I love the colors, the detailing on the flowers and the quality workmanship that went into making this work of art. I also love that this bouquet can be used long after the wedding is over. Sure, you can press a flower or two from a traditional bouquet, but these crochet flowers will last forever. I love that!

Crocheted Flower Bouquet

Crocheted flower wedding bouquet

This colorful crocheted flower arrangement was made by Maize Hutton.  This one isn’t a tutorial, but I think that the pictures are inspiration enough. Maize has some more beautiful pictures if you want to drop by and see more of her work.

Feeling inspired to create your own crocheted flowers?  I wrote about how to crochet flowers for a headband, but the beauty about flowers is that you can use them for so many craft projects.  There’s also this one for making crocheted daffodils.

I hope you have fun creating your own crocheted flowers.  I know that I’m feeling inspired to pick-up some colorful yarn and get busy crafting!


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