Crochet Gnome To Make for Christmas

This adorable crochet gnome is perfect for Christmas. With the neutral colors, he can also be on display all year. You could make varying sizes and create an entire gnome family to adorn your mantel this holiday. Use different colors to experiment with different looks and play around with accessories if you’d like. Or, stick with the classic look as he is adorable as is. However you dress him up, this is a fun project to make for yourself or to give as a gift.

How To Crochet Gnome

Crochet Gnome Pattern

Jump on over to for her free crochet pattern and written instructions. Her video may be fast, but she’s really just trying to show you how it all goes together. Use it as a resource in case you get stuck with the pattern.

Supplies Needed

The nice thing about this project is you don’t need a lot of supplies and you may have many on hand in your stash already.

Cotton thread– pattern calls for gray and cream but I think it would be cute to use different colors for different occasions.

Filling-typically a poly-fil to stuff the gnome

Wooden Bead-this pattern uses a small bead, but you may want a selection of sizes to find the one you prefer.

You’ll also need a size 7 crochet hook, scissors, stitch marker and needle.

I don’t know what it is about gnomes, but I think they are so cute. While this guy is cute as is, you could also add your own flair to it. Maybe a little bell at the top of his hat, or a scarf around his neck? I think there are lots of fun ways to get creative and make this gnome unique. But whatever you choose to do, I hope you have lots of fun making this fun crochet gnome!


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