Decoupage With Comic Books

Decoupage Comic Books
See how to decoupage a table using old comic books.  Decoupage can be done with any material and comic books are a great way to dress-up a table for a child, teen, or comic-book fan.  Maybe your husband or son has a favorite comic book?  Use decoupage to personalize a gift just for him.
You may know how to do decoupage already, but you’ll still want to take a look at the intro of this video to see some of the pieces she has decoupaged.
What I love about decoupage is that it can be done with any material and for any occasion.  And because it simply requires gluing pieces of paper to an item, it’s a great craft to do with kids because it’s so easy.

How to decoupage

Please read the video disclaimer before undertaking tasks in this film: Decoupage is a really stunning technique where you…