Make Your Own Sun Dyed Fabric

Sun Dyed Fabric

I love it when you can take advantage of natural resources to make art.  One of the best resources of course is the sun.  Melted crayon art is great fun for the kids, but what about a more grown-up project that you can use for a DIY project for the home?

Sun Dyed Fabric

This chair was reupholstered with a beautiful sun dyed fabric.  It’s a really easy technique that lets you design any pattern you’d like.  All you have to do is use leaves or other objects to create the pattern.  The sun magically works with the dye to change the color of the fabric that surrounds your pattern.  SheKnows has a great tutorial for this project.

Sun Dyed Fabric

I love that you can use the fabric for any project you’d like.  This fabric was used to reupholster a chair, but it could have been used to make a pillow, handbag, or t-shirt.

How about letting your kids help create a pattern and then using the fabric to make something for them?  I can only imagine what flowery design my 4 year old daughter would come up with.  And of course the fabric would have to be turned pink, purple or orange for her.  I think I see a pretty sundress project on my horizon.


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How to Make New Crayons From Old Crayon Pieces

Multi Color Crayons

My kids love to color, so we have tons of crayons around the house.  That means that we also have tons of crayon pieces around the house too, since we always end-up with a bunch that break.  My daughter always wants me to glue them back together, but I have yet to come-up with a way to fix a broken crayon.  The solution?  Take those old, broken crayons and turn them into some fun crayons for the kids.  It’s a great way to recycle your crayons.

How to Make Stained Glass Crayons

An easy way to reuse your crayons is to melt the little pieces together and create new crayons.  If you use a mix of colors when you melt the crayons, you end up with a crayon that looks like a piece of stained glass.  You won’t have the transparency of stained glass, so I haven’t come up with a way to use the finished product in that way, but I think it’s a fun way to make new crayons.  If you don’t want a multi-colored crayon, you can stick with creating single color crayons.

Supplies Needed:

Muffin tin, muffin liners, or any mold that you’d like to use.  Just make sure that it’s oven-proof.

Tin foil or muffin liners

Crayon pieces (with outer paper removed)


Here’s how you do it…

1.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees

2.  Line your muffin tins (or molds) with tin foil.  Or, just use the muffin liners without the pan.  Use a cookie sheet to hold the liners.  You can also melt the crayons directly in a non-stick mold, but lining it with foil helps it pop-out more easily.

3.  Remove the paper from the crayons and drop small pieces into each mold.  Use a mix of colors to get the stained glass look.

3.  Place mold in oven until crayons have melted (approximately 2-4 minutes).

4.  Remove from oven and let cool until hardened.  This usually takes at least an hour.

5.  When cool, remove foil and enjoy putting your new multi-colored crayons to use making colorful drawings.

Photos of the Crayon Making Process

Multi Color Crayons

Picture 1 of 5

Stained glass crayon supplies

Picture 1 of 5

Supplies you'll need to make crayons.

Images by: woodenmaskabbybatchelder and justgrimes on Flickr. CC. Some Rights Reserved

Video for How to Make Your Own Crayons

Video by MaxAndMumKids

If you use a muffin tin you’ll obviously get round discs.  Great for coloring big pictures and large areas, but not as ideal for “staying within the lines”.  So if you want pointier crayons, use a candy mold, cookie mold or a mold you make yourself that has the more typical long and skinny design.  Just be sure that your mold is oven-proof.  You don’t want to put a plastic candy mold in the oven.

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Knit Shrug Ideas for a Summer Night

Knit Cabled Shrug

The warm weather may be here, but that doesn’t mean that you have to put your knitting needles away.  I know that a lot of people tend to knit more in the cooler months, but summertime is a great time to keep knitting.  And if you’re like me and always looking for a little cover-up to keep you warm on a cool summer night, then here are some ideas for knit shrugs.

Cabled Knit Shrug

Knit Cabled Shrug

This cabled knit shrug looks adorable with a sundress and the cable pattern adds beautiful detailing to this sweater.  Click here for pattern.

Three-Quarter Sleeve Shrug

Gwanwyn Shrug

I love the detailing on the sleeve of this shrug.  And even better…it is knit in one piece so there’s no seaming to worry about.  You gotta love that.  With 3-quarter sleeves, this sweater is the perfect 3-season layering piece.  Pattern for shrug.

These lightweight sweaters are the perfect way to keep warm without adding bulk to an outfit.  I think that they are ideal for wearing to an air conditioned event, or perfect for keeping you warm when you’re outside at night.

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DIY Crystal Necklace Straight From the Runway

How to Make a Crystal Necklace

Fashion magazines and runway shows are a great way to get ideas for creating jewelry.  You get to see the latest trends and colors and then use those images as the foundation for making a design that is all your own.

Like this beautiful purple crystal necklace from Because I’m Addicted.  She pulled her inspiration from the Chanel fashion show and some stunning pieces that were probably worth thousands.  But with that vision in mind, she set off to recreate the necklace…the DIY way of course.

How to Make a Raw Crystal Necklace

How to Make a Crystal Necklace

Be sure to drop by for the complete tutorial and to check out some of her other DIY projects.  You won’t be disappointed!

Raw Crystals

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Crochet Patterns for Creating Beautiful Flowers

Free Crochet Pattern-10 Flowers

Inspired by the post that I wrote the other day about a Crocheted Flower Wedding Bouquet, I have been on a mission to find the prettiest crocheted flowers.  Here are a few of my favorite crochet patterns to help you make different types of flowers.  These flowers are perfect for making jewelry, embellishments to a crocheted bag, or as part of a stunning flower arrangement for your home.

Crochet Flower Patterns

Crochet Flower Patterns

This pattern collection gives you all the details to crochet 10 different types of flowers.  I love it because this pattern set has the variety you need for creating a bouquet of flowers.  Or, maybe a pretty piece of wall art?

Here are some more crocheted flower patterns that I like.

Crochet Fluffy Flowers

Pattern for crocheted fluffy flowers

Crochet Spring Flowers

Free crochet pattern for Spring Crochet Flowers

Crochet Flower Earrings

And how about these cute crocheted earrings?  You could use the flowers for any project, but the free pattern is designed for creating a pair of earrings.  What a great handmade gift idea.

I hope you have fun creating some of these pretty flowers.  How about crocheting a basket and filling it up with flowers?  Now that’s a flower that I may be able to keep alive :)



Crocheted Wedding Bouquet


I came across this beautiful crocheted wedding bouquet and I just had to share it. I think that it’s absolutely amazing! I love the colors, the detailing on the flowers and the quality workmanship that went into making this work of art. I also love that this bouquet can be used long after the wedding is over. Sure, you can press a flower or two from a traditional bouquet, but these crochet flowers will last forever. I love that!

Crocheted Flower Bouquet

Crocheted flower wedding bouquet

This colorful crocheted flower arrangement was made by Maize Hutton.  This one isn’t a tutorial, but I think that the pictures are inspiration enough. Maize has some more beautiful pictures if you want to drop by and see more of her work.

Feeling inspired to create your own crocheted flowers?  I wrote about how to crochet flowers for a headband, but the beauty about flowers is that you can use them for so many craft projects.  There’s also this one for making crocheted daffodils.

I hope you have fun creating your own crocheted flowers.  I know that I’m feeling inspired to pick-up some colorful yarn and get busy crafting!


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Shrinky Dink Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Shrinky Dink Fathers Day Gifts

I loved making crafts with shrinky dink when I was a kid.  There’s something magical about putting it into the oven and watching it shrink into this tiny creation.  So it was only fitting to have a shrinky dink craft that goes perfectly with the Hand Painted Ties that I highlighted as a fun DIY gift idea for kids to make for Father’s Day.  Add a tie tack and Dad has a cool tie and accessory from the kids.

Shrinky Dink Gift Ideas

Shrinky Dink Fathers Day Gifts

These photo gifts for dad are so cute.  If he isn’t the type who wears a suit and tie, then you can easily turn it into a key chain fob.  The tutorial from Oh Happy Day will make it a happy day indeed when Dad opens up one of these cute DIY gifts from the kids.


Painted Tie Gifts the Kids Can Make for Dad

Handpainted Ties for Dad

Neck ties get a bum wrap for being unoriginal gifts, but I think that these hand painted ties prove that theory wrong.  What dad wouldn’t like a custom neck tie, hand painted by his kids?  It’s the perfect DIY craft for Father’s Day, Christmas, or his birthday.

How to Make a Hand Painted Tie

I love these ties from Living Well Spending Less.  Kids will have a blast creating their own designs, including a tie with a tracing of their hand print, or a stenciled pattern made with painter’s tape.

Handpainted Ties for DadThese crafts for kids are more than just special gift ideas.  They are beautiful keepsakes that you’ll enjoy putting in the kids’ memorabilia boxes for when they get older.  It’s the type of gift that builds happy memories for the child who makes it, as well as for the Father, or Grandfather, who receives it.

I hope you enjoy making this DIY gift with your kids.


DIY Gift Idea for Making a Mosaic Monogram

Mosaic Monogram

Father’s Day is right around the corner and you may be searching for the perfect DIY gift idea.  Today I came across this post for how to make your own mosaic monogram. This is a creative DIY gift that dad will proudly enjoy putting on display at home, or the office.

You may have guessed by the crafts that I highlight that I love mosaics.  Why?  Well, for one reason I enjoy doing mosaics because it’s like working on a big puzzle.  Put a bunch of pieces together to create the perfect design.  I also like mosaics because the pattern and design can be old fashioned, or completely modern.  Your vision can create one of a kind pieces.

Mosaic Monogram

I love the depth of this monogram craft and I like it even more because it was made using cardboard.  No need to spend money on a wooden initial that you get from the store.  No, go DIY all the way and create your own unique letter to use as the base for your mosaic monogram project.  Check out the complete tutorial at Suzy’s Sitcom.  I think you’ll really enjoy working on this one.


Learn to Make Fabric Coil Bowls

Fabric Coil Bowls

What do you do with old t-shirts, bed sheets or curtains?  If you have some extra fabric and you’re wondering how you can turn it into a great upcycled DIY craft, then these fabric coil bowls are something you’ll want to try.

This easy craft uses strips of fabric to build the bowl, and cord is used to hold it all together.  It is simply a matter of wrapping the cord around the fabric strips to stitch it all together.  For those who enjoy embroidery or sewing, this is a fun way to put your needle skills to use.  I love this DIY idea because it is easy enough for crafters of any skill level.

Fabric Coil Bowls

You can see the full tutorial at The Red Thread Blog for these cute fabric coil bowls.