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Welcome to Arts to Crafts where we celebrate all things fun and creative. While I have a love for fiber arts, including knitting, crochet, embroidery, weaving, and macrame. I love all crafts and share various crafts for kids, knitting patterns, handmade gifts to make, and how to upcycle. What I love about arts and crafts is that they soothe the soul. From the design process to getting your hands dirty, arts and crafts are a great way to reduce stress, save money, and have fun. So celebrate your creative side and enjoy finding your next project on ArtsToCrafts.

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Finger Painted Tree

Easy Finger Painting Craft for Kids

The sun is out and it’s a beautiful Spring day in Boston today.  So I figured that it’s only fitting that I highlight a fun springtime craft that’s perfect for little kids.   This project lets the kids get dirty, which of course is what they love to do anyway.  And if the weather is … Read more
Crochet Daffodils

Crochet Daffodil Tutorial

Bring Spring into your home with crochet daffodils.  This tutorial takes you step by step through how to make these beautiful flowers.  And of course since these flowers are crocheted, you can use whatever color you choose.  Wish I had that magic in my garden as well, lol.   This video is just the right … Read more
Silk Applique Pillows

How to Make Applique Pillows

These lovebird applique pillows have such a delicate and feminine look.  This applique process can be used for any type of fabric, or design you like, but I think that the mix of silk, flowers and birds give these pillows a beautiful look. See how easy it is to create these pillows, with the step … Read more
Decoupage Comic Books

Decoupage With Comic Books

See how to decoupage a table using old comic books.  Decoupage can be done with any material and comic books are a great way to dress-up a table for a child, teen, or comic-book fan.  Maybe your husband or son has a favorite comic book?  Use decoupage to personalize a gift just for him. You … Read more
Polymer Clay Cane Beads

Clay Polymer Beads

If you love working with clay, or making beaded jewelry, then you have to see these beautiful handmade beads by Jeannie.  She makes these from clay canes, which is a way to mix clay into different colors and designs. Here are some of her beads and the different color combinations that are included in them. … Read more
Upcycle Jeans

Tips for Upcycling Jeans

What are you going to do with those jeans that have a huge hole?  See some fun and easy ways to upcycle those jeans and put the best parts of the jeans to use. Here is a short video that gives you some tips for what parts of the jeans are the best to re-use. … Read more
No Sew Bows

No-Sew Fabric Bows

Learn how to make a moustache bow and a chevron bow.  This is a great way to use-up some scraps of fabric for a no-sew project that girls will love. Does your daughter have an old shirt that loves, but it has a stain on it and she can’t wear it anymore?  Take 12″x5″ section … Read more
DIY Decoupage Table

DIY Decoupage Coffee Table

This DIY project shows you how to decoupage the top of a coffee table to turn it into a designer quality piece of furniture. This quick video gives you a lot of great tips for turning a beat-up table into a vintage looking masterpiece.  While Mr. Kate is a little annoying at times, I think … Read more
Upcycle T-Shirt Tote

Upcycle a T-Shirt Into a Tote Bag

Take an old t-shirt and turn it into a tote.  Take it to the gym, work, or around town and enjoy having a tote made from your favorite graphic-T. This easy craft does involve sewing, but just a simple straight stitch so it’s not tough at all.  A beginner can handle this DIY project without … Read more
Canvas Crafts

DIY Canvas Crafts for Kids

One of the great things about crafts is that they are great for kids and adults.  This DIY canvas craft is so easy that it’s perfect for kids, but an adult could use the same techniques to create something to match your decor, personality and creative style. Here’s an idea of what you can do … Read more
clay polymer vase

How to Make a Polymer Clay Vase

If you love clay vases, but you don’t have a potters wheel or the experience to make your own base, then this clay polymer vase is the perfect craft to make. See how easy it is to take a simple, clear vase and use clay polymer to transform it into something beautiful.  You can even … Read more
stenciling tabletops

Stenciling Tabletops and Other Furniture

Stenciling a table, buffet, hutch or other piece of furniture is an inexpensive way to take a beat-up yard sale find and make it look like a gem. See how to st