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Welcome to Arts to Crafts where we celebrate all things fun and creative. While I have a love for fiber arts, including knitting, crochet, embroidery, weaving, and macrame. I love all crafts and share various crafts for kids, knitting patterns, handmade gifts to make, and how to upcycle. What I love about arts and crafts is that they soothe the soul. From the design process to getting your hands dirty, arts and crafts are a great way to reduce stress, save money, and have fun. So celebrate your creative side and enjoy finding your next project on ArtsToCrafts.

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Free Crochet Pattern-10 Flowers

Crochet Patterns for Creating Beautiful Flowers

Inspired by the post that I wrote the other day about a Crocheted Flower Wedding Bouquet, I have been on a mission to find the prettiest crocheted flowers.  Here are a few of my favorite crochet patterns to help you make different types of flowers.  These flowers are perfect for making jewelry, embellishments to a crocheted … Read more

Crocheted Wedding Bouquet

I came across this beautiful crocheted wedding bouquet and I just had to share it. I think that it’s absolutely amazing! I love the colors, the detailing on the flowers and the quality workmanship that went into making this work of art. I also love that this bouquet can be used long after the wedding … Read more

Follow Us on Bloglovin

How do you stay connected with blogs and sites that you like to follow?  Maybe you’ve been using Google Reader?  Well, Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st, so you’ll need to find a new reader for all of your favorite RSS feeds. My favorite place to read all of my favorite craft and … Read more
Shrinky Dink Fathers Day Gifts

Shrinky Dink Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I loved making crafts with shrinky dink when I was a kid.  There’s something magical about putting it into the oven and watching it shrink into this tiny creation.  So it was only fitting to have a shrinky dink craft that goes perfectly with the Hand Painted Ties that I highlighted as a fun DIY … Read more
Handpainted Ties for Dad

Painted Tie Gifts the Kids Can Make for Dad

Neck ties get a bum wrap for being unoriginal gifts, but I think that these hand painted ties prove that theory wrong.  What dad wouldn’t like a custom neck tie, hand painted by his kids?  It’s the perfect DIY craft for Father’s Day, Christmas, or his birthday. How to Make a Hand Painted Tie I … Read more
Mosaic Monogram

DIY Gift Idea for Making a Mosaic Monogram

Father’s Day is right around the corner and you may be searching for the perfect DIY gift idea.  Today I came across this post for how to make your own mosaic monogram. This is a creative DIY gift that dad will proudly enjoy putting on display at home, or the office. You may have guessed … Read more
Fabric Coil Bowls

Learn to Make Fabric Coil Bowls

What do you do with old t-shirts, bed sheets or curtains?  If you have some extra fabric and you’re wondering how you can turn it into a great upcycled DIY craft, then these fabric coil bowls are something you’ll want to try. This easy craft uses strips of fabric to build the bowl, and cord … Read more
Homemade Colored Bubbles

Outdoor Crafts for the Kids

When the weather gets nice and you want to be outdoors in the warm sunshine, take your crafts outside and enjoy hours of fun being creative.  I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t like bubbles and painting, so playing with bubbles and drawing with sidewalk chalk are go-to activities for all 3 of my kids.  … Read more
Rolled-Up Magazine Crafts

Fun Crafts Using Rolled-Up Magazines

Do you have piles of magazines at home that are just waiting to be recycled?  Before you toss them in the recycling bin, how about some fun craft ideas for how you can take rolled-up magazines and turn them into vases, organizers and other pretty pieces to decorate your home. How to Make a Rolled-Up … Read more
Fluid Acrylic Painting Techniques

Painting With Fluid Acrylic Techniques

I love the idea of sitting down with brush in hand to paint a fabulous piece of artwork, but the reality is painting is not my strength.  I love arts and crafts, but drawing and painting are not my area of expertise.  That is, until I learned about painting with fluid acrylics.  This is a … Read more
How to Make Flubber

How to Make Flubber With the Kids

If your kids love playing with Play Dough or clay, then they’ll love flubber.  One of the great things about making flubber is that it’s not just a fun craft project for the kids, but it’s also a mini-science lesson.  Kids will ooh and ahh as they watch the mixture come together and transform from … Read more
Craftsy Online Classes

Free Classes Available With Craftsy

I love free stuff, who doesn’t right?  And when it’s something that I’ve been looking for anyway, well then that’s just an extra bonus.  That’s why I was so excited when I heard about the Free Class being offered by Craftsy. Free Online Class From Craftsy This site is one of my favorites and I … Read more