Ideas for Making a Decoupaged Table

Decoupaged Table

Decoupage is a fun and easy way to turn an old table into something special. With a little bit of paper and glue, you can transform a beat-up table into a one of a kind treasure. This technique is perfect for taking a piece of furniture from the thrift shop and turning it into a showpiece. You’ll love how inexpensive this is too.

Here are a few decoupaged tables to give you some ideas for the types of items you can use for decoupage.

Decoupaged Table #1

This beautiful table was made with a $1 table from a yard sale, a fresh coat of paint and a decoupaged bright yellow flower.

Pink Decoupaged Table
Decoupaged Furniture Top
Cool Decoupaged Table
How to Decoupage a Table

People have been asking me how to decoupage furniture. Like me, they have found some interesting pieces at garage sales or they have a side table that they would like to recycle into something beautiful. I will show you how to decoupage using spray paint, wrapping paper, and decoupage techniques. You can also find me on Facebook @ the page Upcycle with Decoupage.That’s the name of my book. You can purchase it here You can direct any questions you may have to my Facebook page or here!
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My Book “Upcycle with Decoupage” is available on Amazon and is filled with all types of practical repurpose ideas! Including one of my favorites …..”how to decoupage a (new) kitty litter box”

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Get Your Craft On! – How To Jazz Up a Table Top with Fabric

Materials List:

Table that needs updating (any size)
Fabric to cover table top
Minwax Water Based Polycrylic
Paint brush
Well ventilated work area

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Decoupage Supply Ideas
Decoupage Supply Ideas

Some items to use for decoupage include:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Fabric
  • Comic books
  • Newspaper
  • Certificates, diplomas or awards
  • Tissue paper
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Image by nolaclutterbuster via Flickr CC 2.0