Finding Comfort With Crafts

craft-teapotI learned that today is referred to as Blue Monday and it is the most depressing day of the year.  The reason why more people tend to feel blue and depressed on this day is three-fold.  First, for many people it is the first day back to work after a long Christmas break.  Second, the stress and anxiety of paying for Christmas gifts begins to mount as the bills start rolling in.  And third, those holiday resolutions are already starting to wane and people realize that yet again they won’t keep their resolutions.

So what can one do to help fight off the winter blues and regain some happiness?  Try a little crafting.  I think if you ask crafters what they enjoy most about their preferred craft, the relaxing nature of crafts would be at the top of the list.  It’s one of the reasons why I love knitting so much.  I get into a rythm as I knit and it really does allow me to lose track of time and my problems.  The calming and stress-relieving nature of crafts has gotten me through tough times.  So if you’re feeling a little out of sorts, pick up those knitting needles, crochet hook, glue gun, paint brush, sewing machine, or whatever tool you need.  Dive into a new project and see how quickly your spirits will soar.

Photo by triggerhappy via Flicker


DIY Beach Decoration or Ornament

DIY Beach Decoration

Living in Boston, the water and beach are a huge part of my life.  I guess that’s why I enjoy any craft or DIY project that has a beach theme to it.  Whether it’s using pieces of sea glass that we find on a walk, or making sand art, I love beach-inspired projects.

This DIY terrarium from Henry Happened is so beautiful.  It’s an easy technique that uses souvenirs and trinkets that you find during your travels.  If you aren’t a beachy person, you could use this same technique to create a family keepsake with items you find while on vacation.  You could use the finished product as a decoration in your house, or you could even turn it into an ornament for Christmas.

DIY Beach Decoration

Drop by Henry Happened to see the full tutorial on how to make this cute DIY craft.  I think you’ll have lots of fun coming up with unique items to put inside your terrarium.


Fun Crafts Using Rolled-Up Magazines

Rolled-Up Magazine Crafts

Do you have piles of magazines at home that are just waiting to be recycled?  Before you toss them in the recycling bin, how about some fun craft ideas for how you can take rolled-up magazines and turn them into vases, organizers and other pretty pieces to decorate your home.

How to Make a Rolled-Up Magazine Vase

All you need for this craft are a few magazines, a glue stick, glue gun and a paper or plastic container (like a recycled food container).  You may also want ribbon, pipe cleaners or rope to finish off the edges.

This video shows you how easy it is to make a magazine vase.  You can use this idea to make a pen holder, trash can, or any size holder you’d like.

Video by PattieWackDesigns

And this video uses the same rolled-magazine technique, but shows you how to make a decorative box with it.  In this example, she has made a magazine holder.  How appropriate, right?

Video by kelseyr2

How to Make a Rolled Paper Trash Can

These two videos show you variations of the rolled-up magazine technique.  Rather than creating long tubes with the magazine pages, these two ideas both use coils of paper.  Definitely more time consuming to do it this way, but the result is pretty cool.

Video by Flux Magazine

Video by Keepinitsimple101


Water Bottle and Paper Bangle Bracelets

Water Bottle Bangle Bracelet

Take an old water bottle and turn it into a fun bangle bracelet that you can wear alone, or layer with other bracelets.  This is recycling and upcycling at its very best!

How to Make a Water Bottle Bracelet

The premise of this DIY bracelet is that you’ll sandwich some pretty paper between two layers of plastic cut from a water bottle.  Finish off the edges with an adhesive tape that holds it all together, but that also adds a pretty contrast to the pattern in the paper.

Video by EcoHeidi Borchers

Supplies for this craft are minimal.  You’ll just need some paper, glue, decorative adhesive tape and a water bottle. An inexpensive way to accessorize your outfit.  You can make the bangles as thin or as thick as you’d like, so you can create lots of variations for mixing and matching.


DIY Cell Phone Cases

DIY Cell Phone Cases

Buying a fancy case for your iPhone can get expensive.  See how easy it easy to make your own, personalized cell phone case for next to nothing.

All you need is a clear case and a little imagination to make an iPhone case that is truly one of a kind.  And the best part is that since this DIY craft is so inexpensive, you can make a bunch of cases and switch them out to match your outfits, or your mood.

DIY: Cell Phone Cases!!

It doesn’t take much to make your own cell phone case. Here are some things you can use to decorate a clear phone case and transform it into something unique.

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Stickers
  • Buttons
  • Pictures
  • Crystals, beads and anything sparkly

DIY Mothers Day Flower Pot

Mother Day Gift Idea

Flowers for mother’s day are a lovely gift, but you can make it extra special with a unique flower pot with a custom design.  And best of all, this DIY project lets you upcycle an old food tin.

This photo tutorial shows you how to make this pretty Mother’s Day Gift and it even has different printable labels that you can use.  You could use these labels on a variety of projects.  It’s why I love crafts- you can take an idea and use it anyway you want.  These labels would be perfect for making your own card or decoupage gift.

DIY Mother’s Day Gift

Be creative and show mum how special she is.  This is a great craft to do with the kids too.

Mother Day Gift Idea

I have another great printable and DIY idea for you Mom today from Sarah. She has come up with the most adorable planter idea for Mother’s day. The printable can easily wrap around your planter and really personalize your …More at Simple DIY Mother’s Day Planter Gift – 6th Street Design School


DIY Stenciled Shower Curtain

Stenciled Shower Curtain

I love this stenciling project.  I was just at Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day trying to find a shower curtain I liked and I came up empty handed.  There was nothing that I liked and I didn’t like the $40 price tag either.

This article shows you how to transform a drop cloth into a spectacular shower curtain.

Stenciled Shower Curtain

More at DIY: Stenciled Shower Curtain using Drop Cloth – SAS Interiors