How to Make a Clay Flower Cane

Spring is in the air and making a flower cane with clay polymer seems like the perfect springtime craft.  This tutorial takes you through how to make a pretty flower. Use the colors in your garden as inspiration for mixing and matching colors to make these flowers pop.
Use these larger flower canes to make smaller ones that you can use for beads, glass or wood.  Lots of options.
I hope you enjoy this one.  I think you’ll love her accent!

Polymer Clay Tutorials – How to make a flower cane

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Starbucks Coffee Polymer Clay Tutorial

Addicted to Starbucks coffee? See how to make your own Starbucks coffee, latte, or frappuccino with clay polymer.
I love this tutorial.  It shows you lots of different variations for making miniature drinks.  Not a Starbucks fan?  Simply substitute your favorite brand.  So you could make a Dunkin & Donuts, Peets, or put your name on it.

Starbucks Coffee Polymer Clay Tutorial

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