How to Paint With Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream Painting

Shaving Cream Painting

Make cool greeting cards or note cards by painting with shaving cream.  You can create some fun designs with just a little shaving cream and paint.

How to Paint With Shaving Cream:

  1. Squirt shaving cream onto a pan, table, tray or workspace
  2. Add drops of food coloring, paint or ink
  3. Use a toothpick, skewer or chop stick to swirl a design in the shaving cream
  4. Lay a piece of paper over the shaving cream and press down lightly
  5. Lift-up the paper and then scrape off the shaving cream with a spatula, ruler or squeegee

That’s all there is to it.  It’s so easy to do.  You can also add stencils so that only a portion of the paint gets transferred to the paper.

Shaving Cream Painting-How To

Here is the tutorial from Her Art From the Attic that shows you exactly how to do it.

Supplies for Shaving Cream Paintings:Shaving Cream PaintingExamples of Shaving Cream Paintings:

Shaving Cream Painting Shaving Cream Painting-alcohol inks Shaving Cream Painting Shaving Cream Painting  Shaving Cream Painting


Finger Print Flowers and Butterflies

Finger Print Flowers

Finger Print Flowers

Here’s a craft idea that is perfect to do with the kids. Make a flower and butterfly canvas piece of art by using your finger prints. You’ll love getting your hands dirty to bring out your inner child. A fun craft that’s perfect to make for Valentine’s Day, Easter or Mother’s Day.

Supplies for Finger Print Flowers and Butterflies

Another reason why I like this craft is that you don’t need many supplies. This example was made using canvas, but you could certainly use paper stock too.

Artist Pens like Faber-Castell

How to Make Finger Print Flowers

1. Squeeze paint into tray and mix colors around until you get a mix that you like.
2. Dip fingers in paint and then press finger prints onto canvas to make the flowers and butterflies.
3. Use pens to add the stems and detailing to the print
4. Use your fingers to smudge the lines and blend the paints as needed.

Step by Step Tutorial by Krista Vantol

I hope you have fun making your own finger print art.

Finger Print Flowers Butterflfies


Learning to Paint Watercolor Butterflies

Watercolored Painted Butterflies

Make your own note cards with watercolored butterflies that are really easy to paint. There’s nothing like a butterfly to brighten-up someone’s day and that’s why I think they are the perfect choice for note cards. That way you can use them for a Thank You note, or an “Anytime” card to let someone know you’re thinking of her. Whatever the occasion, these notes cards are the perfect fit. And these are an inexpensive gift idea too. All you need are watercolor paints, blank note cards and an angular paint brush.

Video by Susan Schweee
Painting Watercolor Butterflies

Watercolor Butterflies


Crafts to Make With Alcohol Ink

Alcohol Ink Fluid Designs

Have you added alcohol inks to your craft drawer yet?  One day I saw a video showing a craft made with these liquid inks and I knew that I had to give them a try.  And of course I was instantly hooked.  I love the versatility of alcohol inks.  You can use them to create paintings, mosaics, jewelry and so much more.  Here is one of my favorite ways ways to use these inks.

Alcohol Ink Floating Background

With this technique, all you have to do is mix cold water with alcohol ink.  You can then dip any type of item into the water.  It’s great for making colorful gift tags, colored wooden pieces and beads for jewelry.

Here are a few examples of gift tags made with this technique.  When dry, the tags can be used for stamping and inking.

You can create any color combinations you want.  Have fun playing around with the amount of ink that you place in the water.  Decide what background color you’d like and then add a drop or two of a bold accent color.  It’s also fun to play around with the type of paper that you use.

These beautiful designs show you the depth and variety you can achieve with alcohol ink.  By varying the colors and amount of ink added to the water, you can really play around with the designs that you can achieve with this method.

You aren’t limited to simply using paper and cardstock with this method.

Bisque Beads Made With Alcohol Ink

These beautiful ceramic beads were created with this technique.  The beads were varnished with Decoart Triple Thick Glaze to give them the protective, high-gloss finish.

I hope that you have fun making your own designs using this fluid background technique.  I can’t wait to make some new cards to use for the upcoming holiday season.


Painted Tie Gifts the Kids Can Make for Dad

Handpainted Ties for Dad

Neck ties get a bum wrap for being unoriginal gifts, but I think that these hand painted ties prove that theory wrong.  What dad wouldn’t like a custom neck tie, hand painted by his kids?  It’s the perfect DIY craft for Father’s Day, Christmas, or his birthday.

How to Make a Hand Painted Tie

I love these ties from Living Well Spending Less.  Kids will have a blast creating their own designs, including a tie with a tracing of their hand print, or a stenciled pattern made with painter’s tape.

Handpainted Ties for DadThese crafts for kids are more than just special gift ideas.  They are beautiful keepsakes that you’ll enjoy putting in the kids’ memorabilia boxes for when they get older.  It’s the type of gift that builds happy memories for the child who makes it, as well as for the Father, or Grandfather, who receives it.

I hope you enjoy making this DIY gift with your kids.


Painting With Fluid Acrylic Techniques

Fluid Acrylic Painting Techniques

I love the idea of sitting down with brush in hand to paint a fabulous piece of artwork, but the reality is painting is not my strength.  I love arts and crafts, but drawing and painting are not my area of expertise.  That is, until I learned about painting with fluid acrylics.  This is a fun way to create colorful designs and the best part about it is that anyone can do it- even kids!

You’ll love the abstract designs that you can create.  All you need are some acrylic paints, water and a canvas.  Here’s a look at a few of the techniques.  I hope you enjoy them!

Fluid Acrylic Tutorial

Video by pogart2000

Drip Technique for Painting With Acrylics

Here’s an alternate technique that is done with the canvas in a vertical position so that the paint drips down to form an abstract design.  Use a water bottle to spray the canvas to get the drips and blending.  You can also use a sponge to help create depth and detail.

Video by James Kruse

How to Make Acrylic Skins

This technique shows you how to use a liquid medium to create a painting that can be peeled off and used in a collage.  So you’re using the same dripping technique, but the medium is used rather than water to thin out the paint.  The result is a cool skin that simply peels off the canvas when dry.

Video by cheapjoes


Glass Painting With Stippling

Glass Painting Stippling

There are so many ways to create beautiful glass pieces with painting.  One way is with sponging and stippling.  Similar to stenciling in the application of the paint, stippling uses different brushes and materials to apply the paint to the glass.

I love the blend of colors that you can achieve by sponging and stippling.  You can use tape to break-up the paint and to help create different patterns and effects.

One of the nice things about stippling is that you can’t go wrong.  Too much of one color?  No problem, just dab on a bit more of another color and blend as your heart desires.  This is also a fun painting technique to do with kids.

Glass Painting: Sponging and Stippling

Sponging and Stippling with glass paints to get a range of finishes. This video by Alan and Barry uses a thick “pipe and peel” waterbased paint. For other gl…


DIY Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Painted Wine Glasses
Here’s a great DIY project that anyone can do.  Painted wine glasses are a great way to make a party special, or to dress-up your holiday table.  Paint any scene, or design you want.  Perfect for the holidays, but you could paint anything you want on them.
Trying to come up with an inexpensive and fun Christmas gift for someone special?  These wine glasses are a great choice.  Buy some glasses at the dollar store and with a little paint and your imagination, you can create a special gift.

DIY: Hand Painted Wine Glasses – CHRISTMAS EDITION

To read step by step instructions click the link below!…