DIY Beach Decoration or Ornament

DIY Beach Decoration

Living in Boston, the water and beach are a huge part of my life.  I guess that’s why I enjoy any craft or DIY project that has a beach theme to it.  Whether it’s using pieces of sea glass that we find on a walk, or making sand art, I love beach-inspired projects.

This DIY terrarium from Henry Happened is so beautiful.  It’s an easy technique that uses souvenirs and trinkets that you find during your travels.  If you aren’t a beachy person, you could use this same technique to create a family keepsake with items you find while on vacation.  You could use the finished product as a decoration in your house, or you could even turn it into an ornament for Christmas.

DIY Beach Decoration

Drop by Henry Happened to see the full tutorial on how to make this cute DIY craft.  I think you’ll have lots of fun coming up with unique items to put inside your terrarium.


DIY Mosaic Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

mosaic-lantern A DIY lantern is perfect for outdoor fun and entertaining this summer.  Learn how to take a simple mason jar and paint it with a mosaic pattern to create a colorful lantern that will look beautiful against the glow of a candle.

This tutorial shows you how to paint glass to get a mosaic design.  Add a beaded handle and you can hang these lanterns on a hanger.

If you don’t like the mosaic pattern, just use the same techniques shown in the video and use them to make a painted lantern that matches your style.

Painting on Glass DVD Step-by-Step Guide

All you need to make these beautiful lanterns are some mason jars (aka jam jars), some paint and brushes.


Glass Painting With Stippling

Glass Painting Stippling

There are so many ways to create beautiful glass pieces with painting.  One way is with sponging and stippling.  Similar to stenciling in the application of the paint, stippling uses different brushes and materials to apply the paint to the glass.

I love the blend of colors that you can achieve by sponging and stippling.  You can use tape to break-up the paint and to help create different patterns and effects.

One of the nice things about stippling is that you can’t go wrong.  Too much of one color?  No problem, just dab on a bit more of another color and blend as your heart desires.  This is also a fun painting technique to do with kids.

Glass Painting: Sponging and Stippling

Sponging and Stippling with glass paints to get a range of finishes. This video by Alan and Barry uses a thick “pipe and peel” waterbased paint. For other gl…