Crochet Patterns for Thanksgiving

Tom Turkey Crochet Pattern

Thanksgiving is coming, the chill is in the air.  Soon the turkey will be in the oven and the house will be filled with the smells of the day.  Whether you’re having a big family gathering, or dinner with a few friends, enjoy all that the holiday has to offer and celebrate good food, good friends and a festive atmosphere.

To me, decorating the house for Thanksgiving is such a fun part of the holiday.  From deciding what type of table setting to arrange, to making a pretty wreath for the door, there are so many ways to decorate for Thanksgiving.  Here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving themed crafts and decorations to make for the holiday.

Crochet Patterns for Thanksgiving Decorations

Tom Turkey Crochet Pattern

Isn’t this turkey adorable?  Grab the Pattern for Tom the Turkey

Thanksgiving-Christmas Holiday Bags

Do you like to have a bag for every season?  This crocheted bag gives you the ability to decorate it for the holiday you choose.  Check out the pattern and crochet a Thanksgiving bag or Christmas bag.  You could also use the pattern for the turkey to create a stuffed turkey decoration.  Lots of versatility with this pattern.

Crocheted Thanksgiving Turkey

Dress-up your table with this adorable Thanksgiving turkey.  Thanksgiving turkey pattern

More Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns:

Crochet Pattern: Baby Cocoon and Hat SetCrochet Pattern: Baby Cocoon and Hat Set

Pattern for Crocheted Thanksgiving HatsPattern for Crocheted Thanksgiving Hats


Pattern for Crocheted Thanksgiving Decoration

Crocheted Thanksgiving Turkey Pattern

This free crochet pattern is perfect for Thanksgiving and is ideal to put on display by hanging on your front door. The pattern was designed by Debi Yorston as a bib to make Thanksgiving fun for kids, but this is an example of where you can take a pattern and turn it into something that fits your needs. In addition to making it as a hanging wall decoration, you could also turn it into a throw pillow, or stuffed turkey decoration to display on a shelf.

Crocheted Thanksgiving Turkey Pattern

Grab your free copy of this cute turkey pattern and crochet one for Thanksgiving.  Your family will love having this little fella visiting your home for the holiday.  Gobble! Gobble!


Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

Crochet Pumpkin Bean Bag Pattern

The leaves on the trees are bursting with color and now is the perfect time to make some Halloween crafts for your home and family.  From round pumpkins to decorate your table, to adorable hats to keep the kids warm in the cooler weather, there are plenty of fun crochet projects to make with yarn that you already have on hand.

Here are some of my favorite crochet patterns for Halloween.  All of these are free patterns, so grab a copy and get hooking.  These all make great gifts too.

Crochet Pumpkin Beanbag Pattern

Pattern for Free Crochet Bean Bag Decoration

Halloween Crochet Appliques

Pattern for Free Crochet Appliques

Halloween Crochet Pumpkin Hat

Pattern for Halloween Crocheted Pumpkin Hat

Crochet Witch Pattern

Free Pattern for Crochet Witch

Crochet Spiderweb Pattern

Free pattern for Crocheted Half Spiderweb

I hope you enjoy crocheting these fun Halloween crafts to decorate your home and get in the holiday spirit.

Halloween Crochet Patterns

Here are a couple of crochet patterns that I couldn’t resist sharing.  I think that these are both so cute.  The patterns aren’t free, but for only a few dollars, I think that they are still a bargain.

Crochet Scarecrow Hat PatternCrochet Scarecrow Hat Pattern

Pumpkin Lantern PatternPumpkin Lantern Pattern


Crochet Tea Cosy Pattern


I saw this colorful tea cosy and knew that I had to share it. I love the crocheted peonies that were added to the top. To me, this is what really sets this design apart. Sure, there are lots of pretty patterns out there for teapot warmers, but I think that this one from MeMe Rose is one that should go in your crochet pattern library.


Drop by MeMe Rose to get her free crochet pattern for this adorable tea cosy. Even if you aren’t one to crochet, you should still go take a look at her site.  Beautiful pictures and some inspiring DIY and craft projects.

Tea cosies are a fun gift to knit or crochet. Not only are they quick and easy to make, but they also let you use up yarn that you have available in your stash. Simply mix a few colors together and you can create a colorful design like the one above. Or, if you want to get really creative you can make a teapot cosy that is more like a work of art.  There are a lot of cosy patterns available, but here are a few of my favorites.

Owl Tea Cosy Knitting PatternOwl Tea Cosy Knitting PatternCHECK PRICE

Tea Cozies Pattern BookTea Cozies Pattern BookCHECK PRICE

Really Wild Tea CosiesReally Wild Tea CosiesCHECK PRICE


Crochet Patterns for Creating Beautiful Flowers

Free Crochet Pattern-10 Flowers

Inspired by the post that I wrote the other day about a Crocheted Flower Wedding Bouquet, I have been on a mission to find the prettiest crocheted flowers.  Here are a few of my favorite crochet patterns to help you make different types of flowers.  These flowers are perfect for making jewelry, embellishments to a crocheted bag, or as part of a stunning flower arrangement for your home.

Crochet Flower Patterns

Crochet Flower Patterns

This pattern collection gives you all the details to crochet 10 different types of flowers.  I love it because this pattern set has the variety you need for creating a bouquet of flowers.  Or, maybe a pretty piece of wall art?

Here are some more crocheted flower patterns that I like.

Crochet Fluffy Flowers

Pattern for crocheted fluffy flowers

Crochet Spring Flowers

Free crochet pattern for Spring Crochet Flowers

Crochet Flower Earrings

And how about these cute crocheted earrings?  You could use the flowers for any project, but the free pattern is designed for creating a pair of earrings.  What a great handmade gift idea.

I hope you have fun creating some of these pretty flowers.  How about crocheting a basket and filling it up with flowers?  Now that’s a flower that I may be able to keep alive :)



Crocheted Wedding Bouquet


I came across this beautiful crocheted wedding bouquet and I just had to share it. I think that it’s absolutely amazing! I love the colors, the detailing on the flowers and the quality workmanship that went into making this work of art. I also love that this bouquet can be used long after the wedding is over. Sure, you can press a flower or two from a traditional bouquet, but these crochet flowers will last forever. I love that!

Crocheted Flower Bouquet

Crocheted flower wedding bouquet

This colorful crocheted flower arrangement was made by Maize Hutton.  This one isn’t a tutorial, but I think that the pictures are inspiration enough. Maize has some more beautiful pictures if you want to drop by and see more of her work.

Feeling inspired to create your own crocheted flowers?  I wrote about how to crochet flowers for a headband, but the beauty about flowers is that you can use them for so many craft projects.  There’s also this one for making crocheted daffodils.

I hope you have fun creating your own crocheted flowers.  I know that I’m feeling inspired to pick-up some colorful yarn and get busy crafting!


Free Classes Available With Craftsy

Craftsy Online Classes

I love free stuff, who doesn’t right?  And when it’s something that I’ve been looking for anyway, well then that’s just an extra bonus.  That’s why I was so excited when I heard about the Free Class being offered by Craftsy.

Free Online Class From Craftsy

This site is one of my favorites and I think that their classes are top notch. For one day only on May 18th, they will be offering a free class to anyone who signs up on their website.  On top of this great offer, Craftsy will be “paying it forward” with a $5,000 donation to  So not only do you get a free class, but you get to help them give back.  And best of all?  It doesn’t cost you a dime!

Craftsy Online Classes

Take a Free Online Class

I took the Brioche Knitting class with Nancy Marchant and I really enjoyed it.  I think that no matter what your skill level, an online class is a great way to learn new skills, improve your technique, get some great tips and meet lots of other creative folks.  I highly recommend it.  I’m an advanced knitter, but I’ve never taken a class, or participated in a workshop where I didn’t have fun and learn something new.

Benefits of Online Classes

  1. Watch the class anytime
  2. Watch it from home or on the go
  3. Go at your own pace
  4. No time limits!  Sign-up for the free class on May 18th, but take the class whenever you have time.  The classes never expire!!

Online Classes Available With Craftsy

  • Cake Decorating
  • Cooking
  • Crocheting
  • Knitting
  • Sewing
  • Quilting
  • Jewelry
  • Weaving
  • Spinning
  • Paper Crafts
  • Embroidery and many, many more

I hope you enjoy your free class.  Happy Crafting!


How to Crochet a Headband

How to Crochet Headband

Headbands are a fun gift to crochet for a new baby, teen, or adult.  All you have to do is adjust the length and width to fit a baby or adult.  These headbands are easy to make and you can whip one up in no time at all.

This tutorial takes you through the whole process and I like that it goes at a comfortable pace.  If you’ve never crocheted a hairband, or headband, then I think this tutorial is a great way to learn.  Crochet a bunch in a variety of colors and you’ll have a headband to match any outfit.

How to Crochet a Headband (all sizes)

This video shows how to crochet a simple hairband for infants up to adults. The videos for the flower can…

Crochet Flower Tutorial

You can crochet a plain headband, or dress it up with a button and interchangeable flower.  Here’s the tutorial for making the crochet flower to add to the headband.  I think that these are particularly cute for young girls.

This is part 1 in the series and it shows you how to complete the first layer of the flower.  For some people, this may be all you need.  I’ve posted all 3 videos for this tutorial in the How to Crochet a Flower article.


How to Crochet a Flower

How to Crochet Flower

A crocheted flower is the perfect accent piece for a headband, bag, or gift wrapping.  This tutorial shows you how to crochet a flower with ease.  The video ties-in to the How to Crochet a Headband article, but I wanted to list this tutorial separately since these crocheted flowers are perfect for more than just a headband.

What I like about these videos is that she takes you from start to finish.  This means that she had to break-out the tutorial over 3 videos, but each one is only 5-10 minutes which is a great length and she goes at a pace that I think is easy to follow.

How to Crochet a Flower




Crochet Daffodil Tutorial

Crochet Daffodils
Bring Spring into your home with crochet daffodils.  This tutorial takes you step by step through how to make these beautiful flowers.  And of course since these flowers are crocheted, you can use whatever color you choose.  Wish I had that magic in my garden as well, lol.


This video is just the right speed.  You can see all of the steps and crochet along with her without getting lost.  It’s not too slow, but not too fast either.  Of course it is Crochet Geek, so would you expect anything less?

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have fun making your own indoor garden.

Crochet Daffodil Tutorial by Crochet Geek

Free crochet patterns, lessons and video tutorials for the beginner. Teaching the world to crochet, one stitch at a time. Written Instructions http://www.cro…

Simple Crochet Heart Tutorial

crochet heart
See how easy it is to crochet a cute heart.  Use it for jewelry, add it to a felted handbag, or use it as a gift tag.  The possibilities are endless with what you can do with this crochet heart.

Simple Crochet Heart Tutorial by Crochet Geek

This is a simple crochet heart that uses all the basic crochet stitches. It is simple, easy and quick. Simple Crochet Heart Written Instructions http://www.c…

How to Crochet Granny Square

Learn all the basics of crochet.  See how to make a granny square can be used to make a variety of crafts.  Make a granny square afghan, potholders and so much more.
This tutorial is ideal for beginners.  It goes nice and slowly so that you can learn how to do a slip stitch, chain stitch and so much more.

How to crochet: Granny Square, Lesson 1

This is a re-make of the very first video I made and uploaded to You Tube. This is for very new beginners. Watch these videos through a couple of times befor…