How to Make a Clay Jewelry Dish

DIY Clay Jewelry Dish

DIY Clay Jewelry Dish

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought that this DIY Jewelry Dish was the perfect project to share with everyone. Make it for someone special to be given along with a new piece of jewelry, or make it for yourself to use as a catch-all. It’s a great little dish that could be used on your nightstand, or by the front door to hold your keys.  I think this would make a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day too.

This is an easy project that uses air dry clay, stamps to make a pretty pattern and paints. Click here For the complete list of instructions by Sahana (aka Vikalpah).  Have fun!

This idea is shared with you via creative commons license.


Create a Clay Pottery Vase from Old Vase

DIY Faux Clay Pottery Vase

If you have an old vase lying around the house and you’re ready to throw it out, why not transform it into a high-end vase?  You won’t believe the results you’ll get when you use a little paint, clay and stencils to create something that rivals what you’d find at a designer show-room.

Faux Clay Pottery Tutorial

DIY Faux Pottery Vase

Debbiedoo’s walks you through the steps for taking an old vase and using stencils and clay to create texture and design on the vase.  By combining that with Terra-cotta colored paint, you give this vase the look of pottery.

Supplies needed to make this project include:

  • Vase
  • Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Clay
  • Popsicle sticks (or something else to help apply the wood filler)
  • Stencil
  • Elmer’s Wood Filler
  • 60-80 Sanding block (or paper)
  • Crackle Medium

Clay Polymer Beads

Polymer Clay Cane Beads

If you love working with clay, or making beaded jewelry, then you have to see these beautiful handmade beads by Jeannie.  She makes these from clay canes, which is a way to mix clay into different colors and designs.

Here are some of her beads and the different color combinations that are included in them.  I think that they are just stunning and they give me inspiration to go out and make some for myself.

Polymer Clay Cane Beads

More at Polymer Clay Cane Beads | Jeannie’s Blog


How to Make a Polymer Clay Vase

clay polymer vase
If you love clay vases, but you don’t have a potters wheel or the experience to make your own base, then this clay polymer vase is the perfect craft to make.
See how easy it is to take a simple, clear vase and use clay polymer to transform it into something beautiful.  You can even make it so that it glows in the dark!

Polymer clay Vase, IT GLOWS!!

This is my first try at wrapping glass with this clay.. And I tell ya’ I LOVE it!! Think of all the possibilities… this will be some real fun for everyone!…

How to Make a Clay Flower Cane

Spring is in the air and making a flower cane with clay polymer seems like the perfect springtime craft.  This tutorial takes you through how to make a pretty flower. Use the colors in your garden as inspiration for mixing and matching colors to make these flowers pop.
Use these larger flower canes to make smaller ones that you can use for beads, glass or wood.  Lots of options.
I hope you enjoy this one.  I think you’ll love her accent!

Polymer Clay Tutorials – How to make a flower cane

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Starbucks Coffee Polymer Clay Tutorial

Addicted to Starbucks coffee? See how to make your own Starbucks coffee, latte, or frappuccino with clay polymer.
I love this tutorial.  It shows you lots of different variations for making miniature drinks.  Not a Starbucks fan?  Simply substitute your favorite brand.  So you could make a Dunkin & Donuts, Peets, or put your name on it.

Starbucks Coffee Polymer Clay Tutorial

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