A Fun Sewing Pattern for Kids

Owl Sewing Pattern

Owl Sewing Pattern

This adorable little owl is the perfect sewing project for kids. If your son, or daughter wants to learn how to sew, they’ll have fun learning all the basics when they make this little guy. There’s nothing more rewarding than learning a new skill and seeing your finished project. This free owl sewing pattern is sure to be a winner with your child or student.


Best Free Patterns for Knit Cowls


I love knit cowls because they can be worn throughout the year. I like to wear them in place of a scarf during the winter, and as an accessory to my outfit during the fall. It’s a great way to add a splash of color to any outfit. Here are some beautiful free patterns for knit cowls and infinity scarves.

You can scroll through the pictures and then click on the link to grab the free pattern.


How to Make Felt Fortune Cookies

Felt Fortune Cookies

Make felt fortune cookies for Valentine’s Day, to give out as party favors, or to create cute table decorations or center pieces. This craft is so easy, it’s perfect for the kids to do. Plus, it’s fun for kids to write their own secret messages to hide inside for their friends.

Felt Valentine’s
Felt Valentine’s
Image from Bunches & Bits
Felt Fortune Cookies

Pure Innocence Good Fortune
Loopy Bloom Die-namics
Mini Tab Foursome Die-namics

3 3/4″ circle for felt (use a wool-blend felt)
Sizzix: Box, Takeout

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Make Your Own Felt Fortune Cookies

This video shows you how to make felt fortune cookies using a felted wool sweater.

In this short video, you’ll learn how to craft these heartfelt fortune cookies out of old wool sweaters. They’re perfect for giving a special Valentine’s Day message to your sweetie! For a full written description of the project, visit my blog: http://sassycrafter.blogspot.com.

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Ideas for Making a Decoupaged Table

Decoupaged Table

Decoupage is a fun and easy way to turn an old table into something special. With a little bit of paper and glue, you can transform a beat-up table into a one of a kind treasure. This technique is perfect for taking a piece of furniture from the thrift shop and turning it into a showpiece. You’ll love how inexpensive this is too.

Here are a few decoupaged tables to give you some ideas for the types of items you can use for decoupage.

Decoupaged Table #1

This beautiful table was made with a $1 table from a yard sale, a fresh coat of paint and a decoupaged bright yellow flower.

Pink Decoupaged Table
Decoupaged Furniture Top
Cool Decoupaged Table
How to Decoupage a Table

People have been asking me how to decoupage furniture. Like me, they have found some interesting pieces at garage sales or they have a side table that they would like to recycle into something beautiful. I will show you how to decoupage using spray paint, wrapping paper, and decoupage techniques. You can also find me on Facebook @ the page Upcycle with Decoupage.That’s the name of my book. You can purchase it here You can direct any questions you may have to my Facebook page or here!
You can send this video to a friend or to yourself with this link:http://youtu.be/moFwLOFLmhc
My Book “Upcycle with Decoupage” is available on Amazon and is filled with all types of practical repurpose ideas! Including one of my favorites …..”how to decoupage a (new) kitty litter box”

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Get Your Craft On! – How To Jazz Up a Table Top with Fabric

Materials List:

Table that needs updating (any size)
Fabric to cover table top
Minwax Water Based Polycrylic
Paint brush
Well ventilated work area

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Decoupage Supply Ideas
Decoupage Supply Ideas

Some items to use for decoupage include:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Fabric
  • Comic books
  • Newspaper
  • Certificates, diplomas or awards
  • Tissue paper
More great ideas for cool ways to use decoupage
100 Ways to Upcycle Things Around the House
Image by nolaclutterbuster via Flickr CC 2.0

How to Felt With a Resist

Felted Bag

Felted Bag

When I saw this beautiful bag I immediately went searching for more information on how to properly felt a bag using a resist. I’ve done needle felting, wet felting and I’ve felted knit bags, but I’ve never felted with a resist. In simple terms, a resist is a template that you use to help create the shape of what you’d like to make. It’s how you can make a felted purse like this one from Magic Felting.

Using a Template for Felting

When you wet felt with a template, you felt your fibers around the template and then remove it before you finish up the project. In addition to using this technique for felting bags, it’s also how you can make felted hats and berets like this one.


Felted Beret

Image of felted beret by Kristina.Foley via Flickr CC 2.0

Felting Tutorial

Here’s a great video to help walk you through the process of creating a felted object using a resist.

Visit Terri Pike’s website FeltingLessons. The name truly does say it all! Her website has all the info you need to give wet felting or Nuno felting a try.

Felting Books


Photo Guide to FeltingPhoto Guide to Felting

Felting-The Complete GuideFelting-The Complete Guide

Complete FeltmakingComplete Feltmaking

Quick & Clever FeltingQuick & Clever Felting


Learning to Paint Watercolor Butterflies

Watercolored Painted Butterflies

Make your own note cards with watercolored butterflies that are really easy to paint. There’s nothing like a butterfly to brighten-up someone’s day and that’s why I think they are the perfect choice for note cards. That way you can use them for a Thank You note, or an “Anytime” card to let someone know you’re thinking of her. Whatever the occasion, these notes cards are the perfect fit. And these are an inexpensive gift idea too. All you need are watercolor paints, blank note cards and an angular paint brush.

Video by Susan Schweee
Painting Watercolor Butterflies

Watercolor Butterflies


Free Sewing Pattern for Coco Bag

Free Sewing Pattern for Coco Bag

Take a look in my closet and you’ll see that I’m a bag person.  What can I say.  Some people have a lot of shoes and I have a lot of bags.  And there’s nothing I like more than a cute bag that has lots of pockets to make it really functional for me to stay organized with stuff for the kids.

Coco Bag

Free Sewing Pattern for Coco Bag

Here’s the free pattern for this amazing Coco bag.  I’d love to see what fabrics you use on your bag, so be sure to come back and share a link to your finished project.


Mosaic Tiles Messenger Bag

Mosaic Messenger Bag to Sew

What I love about mosaic arts and crafts is that they allow you to mix colors, textures and patterns.  And when you use mosaic tiles when you sew, it opens up the possibilities for showing-off your favorite colors.  It’s also a great way to re-use fabric from one of your favorite outfits, or from a sentimental piece of clothing.  Incorporate it into a design for a modern messenger bag and you’ll carry those fond memories with you wherever you go.

Mosaic Messenger Bag to Sew

You can see the complete tutorial for making this messenger bag at Mosaic Tiles Messenger Bag Tutorial with Katy of The – Craft Buds


Creating Art With Wool

Felted Landscape

Felted ArtAs a life-long knitter, you know that any craft that uses wool is right up my alley. In the past I’ve made a few knitted bags that I’ve felted, but other than that I really hadn’t ventured into all of the great things that you can make with wool. That is, things that didn’t require the use of a knitting needle or crochet hook.

Not long ago I wrote about the different felting techniques in my article Needle Felting Ideas and Techniques. In that article I focused on the technique of using a pointed needle to sculpt figures and I shared some of my favorite ideas. But I wanted to chat a little bit about the other ways of felting wool.

How to Felt Wool

Keeping things simple, felting wool can be achieved through 2 processes, either wet felting or dry felting (aka needle felting). Wet felting allows you to mix fibers, blend colors and come up with a textile that can be made into jewelry, clothes, bags or artwork. Needle felting allows you to mix and shape wool to make ornaments, decorations and artwork.

A few months ago I had an opportunity to attend a Fiber Arts Festival and I took two workshops while I was there. The first was in making landscapes and the second was in making felted jewelry. These classes were the perfect introduction to the two camps of felters. The landscape that I made was achieved through needle felting. It is essentially painting with wool. You lay your wool on top of a piece of wool felt to create a picture or abstract, then use a needle to blend the colors together. The needle breaks down the fibers and allows them to intertwine with each other to create a new textile. I really loved making wool felted landscapes. It’s a very forgiving process, so if you don’t like the way something looks, just remove some wool or add some more. I found it to be a very relaxing process and couldn’t believe how quickly the class flew by.

Felted Landscapes

The first photo is one that I took of the completed landscape and was the model I used as a guide during the class. I think it gives you a good idea of the type of landscapes, pictures and designs you can create. A great way to take one of your favorite pictures and recreate it with wool.

Felted Landscape

This next picture is one that I took of a 3D felted picture. This was created by the instructor, Kristen Walsh, who used several layers to create depth and intricacy to the painting. I love this piece because it shows that you aren’t limited to landscapes and nature when you create felted artwork. Create any abstract design or picture you want. Like all things crafty, there are no limitations. Let your imagination take you where you need to go.
3D Felted Painting

While I’m partial to needle felted landscapes, you can create felted artwork using the wet felting process. You would start off in a similar fashion as above where you lay-out your wool to create a drawing, but rather than “glue” the fibers together using a needle, instead you would use water, soap and agitation to bind the wool fibers together.

If you want some tips and inspiration for painting with wool, then this is hands-down my favorite book for this. This book is one of the most beautiful craft books I’ve ever seen and when I first bought it I couldn’t put it down. In addition to stunning photos of the artwork created by the author, the book is loaded with amazing instructions and details for how to create your own paintings using wool, fiber and stitches.

Art in Felt and Stitch

Look Inside Art in Felt & Stitch


Fingerless Gloves to Knit and Crochet

Crochet Fingerless Mitts

Now that the cold weather has hit, there’s no better project to knit or crochet than a cozy pair of fingerless gloves or mittens.  These cute mitts not only keep your hands warm, but they are also a great accessory to any outfit.

I don’t know about you, but my hands are always freezing during the winter.  Wearing something on my hands that lets me keep warm, but still lets me work with my hands is just what I need on a cold day.  Here are a few of my favorite patterns.

Crochet Fingerless Mitts

Above:  Free Pattern for Crocheted Fingerless Mitts

Crocheted Arm Warmers

Pattern for Crocheted arm warmers with beautiful shell detailing.

Crocheted Arm Slouch

Pattern for crocheted arm slouches to keep you warm!

Knit Fingerless Driving Gloves

Free pattern for Knit fingerless driving gloves 

Knit Fingerless Gloves Cafe Au Lait

Free pattern for ‘Cafe Au Lait’ fingerless gloves to knit

Spiraling Leaves Knit Fingerless Gloves

I love the spiraling leaves on these beautiful gloves.  Pattern for knit fingerless gloves

Lush Lacy Knit Mitts

Free pattern for these Lush Lacy Knit Mitts