DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bucket

DIY Halloween Bucket

Halloween just wouldn’t be as much fun if you didn’t have a fun bag or bucket to carry your candy. Sure, the older kids are partial to a pillow case because it can hold so much. But for the younger kids, a cute little bucket is a must-have accessory for any Halloween costume.

Here are some of my favorite DIY Halloween treat bags and candy containers.

DIY Silly Halloween Bucket

DIY Halloween Bucket

This cute bucket is so easy to make.  All you need is a cheap orange pail that you can buy at the dollar store, party store, hardware store or Home Depot.

Use styrofoam balls for the eyes, pipe cleaners for the eye lashes and the silly mouth is an upside down picture cut out of a magazine.  Add whatever additional accents you’d like for hair, or to give it your own personality.  This cute craft was created by belen junquera

Painted Halloween Candy Bucket

You can also use paint to decorate an orange bucket to create a cute trick-or-treat bucket.  This is a fun Halloween craft idea for kids.  In addition to painting, kids can also decorate the bucket with stickers, washi tape or stencils.

DIY Halloween Bucket



Crafts to Make With Alcohol Ink

Alcohol Ink Fluid Designs

Have you added alcohol inks to your craft drawer yet?  One day I saw a video showing a craft made with these liquid inks and I knew that I had to give them a try.  And of course I was instantly hooked.  I love the versatility of alcohol inks.  You can use them to create paintings, mosaics, jewelry and so much more.  Here is one of my favorite ways ways to use these inks.

Alcohol Ink Floating Background

With this technique, all you have to do is mix cold water with alcohol ink.  You can then dip any type of item into the water.  It’s great for making colorful gift tags, colored wooden pieces and beads for jewelry.

Here are a few examples of gift tags made with this technique.  When dry, the tags can be used for stamping and inking.

You can create any color combinations you want.  Have fun playing around with the amount of ink that you place in the water.  Decide what background color you’d like and then add a drop or two of a bold accent color.  It’s also fun to play around with the type of paper that you use.

These beautiful designs show you the depth and variety you can achieve with alcohol ink.  By varying the colors and amount of ink added to the water, you can really play around with the designs that you can achieve with this method.

You aren’t limited to simply using paper and cardstock with this method.

Bisque Beads Made With Alcohol Ink

These beautiful ceramic beads were created with this technique.  The beads were varnished with Decoart Triple Thick Glaze to give them the protective, high-gloss finish.

I hope that you have fun making your own designs using this fluid background technique.  I can’t wait to make some new cards to use for the upcoming holiday season.


November Mystery Knit Along


Have you ever done a mystery project?  A mystery knit along is a fun way to work on a project.  Not only do you get to do some knitting, you also get to meet other knitters who are working on the same project.  It’s a fun way to turn an individual activity into something that’s fun and interactive.  Think of it like a book club for knitters.

Mystery Knit Along

The other fun part about mystery projects is that you start the project blind.  The designer, or coordinator or the knit along, will share only a portion of the pattern at a time.  The mystery of what techniques and stitches you’ll be working on adds to the fun of these projects.

Craftsy is hosting a Mystery Knit Along for November.  The pattern featured in this knit along was designed by Felicia Lo.  In addition to the pattern, you’ll also get:

  • Access to a web-based tutorial
  • Detailed written instructions
  • Up close photos to help walk you through the pattern
  • One skein of superwash wool yarn from SweetGeorgia

You can find lots of mystery projects and knit alongs on the web.  If you are a member of Ravelry, you can do a search to find one to join.  And if you’re not a knitter, there are also fun “craft-along” groups for crochet and other crafts.  Craftsy is also hosting a Mystery Crochet-Along for November, so there’s a project for everyone!

Mystery Crochet Along

Have you ever done a mystery project or joined a knit-along (or crochet along)?  Would love to hear what you thought.  I know that for me the only downside of a mystery project is that I don’t always have the time to keep-up with the pace of the project.  But that’s OK.  That just means that I end-up having all of the pattern available to me and I don’t have to wait for the next installment of the the pattern.  And I also benefit from seeing everyone’s comments and design ideas.  Because like any project, there’s always room to adjust a pattern to fit your style.


Pattern for Crocheted Thanksgiving Decoration

Crocheted Thanksgiving Turkey Pattern

This free crochet pattern is perfect for Thanksgiving and is ideal to put on display by hanging on your front door. The pattern was designed by Debi Yorston as a bib to make Thanksgiving fun for kids, but this is an example of where you can take a pattern and turn it into something that fits your needs. In addition to making it as a hanging wall decoration, you could also turn it into a throw pillow, or stuffed turkey decoration to display on a shelf.

Crocheted Thanksgiving Turkey Pattern

Grab your free copy of this cute turkey pattern and crochet one for Thanksgiving.  Your family will love having this little fella visiting your home for the holiday.  Gobble! Gobble!


Fun Halloween Lantern Decorations


I love all of the fun and easy lighted Halloween crafts that you can make for the holiday.  These ideas can be used to decorate the inside and outside of your home to welcome trick or treaters.  Use these ideas as a starting point and then personalize each one to give it your own twist.  This way you can make friendly, or spooky, Halloween decorations to fit your style.

Halloween Lanterns


Image Source: frykitty on Flickr CC 2.0

You can make pretty Halloween lanterns and displays using milk cartons, or by simply building your own design using cardboard and paper.  Here are a few ideas for how to create your own Halloween Lanterns or decorations using milk cartons.

  1. Use a clean and dry milk carton, juice carton, or cardboard box.
  2. Cut out a rectangle on each side of the box, leaving about a 1″ border all the way around.  You are essentially creating a picture frame on each side of the box and your Halloween scene will go in the middle .
  3. Paint the outside of the box black, or whatever dark color you’d like.  Black paint is ideal because it adds to the Halloween scene and gives it the evening silhouette you want.
  4. Cut out a piece of wax paper, parchment, or transparent paper that will allow light to shine through it.
  5. Stencil a design onto the paper, or you could also cut out a design and glue that to the paper.  This is where you can use your imagination to create a spooky or fun design.  Some ideas include making a jack-o-lantern face, or a witch riding a broom. Black construction paper is perfect for creating cut-out designs and a sharpie marker can be used to hand-draw a design too.
  6. Tape or glue the paper with the design to the inside of the box.  You put the paper on the inside of the box so that the carton creates a frame around it.
  7. Add an electric tea light, or LED light to the inside to light-up your decoration.

TIP:  Do you have solar powered garden lights along your front walkway?  Charge the lights during the day and then on Halloween night go out and add the milk carton decorations over the light for a glow-in-the-dark Halloween decoration that will look really cool!

Milk Carton Halloween Village

You can use the same technique outlined above to create your very own Halloween village.  This project is lots of fun to put on display on your front porch or entrance way.  It will be the first thing that visitors see when knocking on your door for trick or treating.

Milk Carton Halloween Display

Image source: puuikibeach on Flickr CC 2.0

I hope you enjoy making your own Halloween lanterns and light-up decorations.  These are fun projects to do with the kids and you can make these crafts as easy, or complex, as you’d like.  Get creative and build your very own Halloween light-up display.


Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

Crochet Pumpkin Bean Bag Pattern

The leaves on the trees are bursting with color and now is the perfect time to make some Halloween crafts for your home and family.  From round pumpkins to decorate your table, to adorable hats to keep the kids warm in the cooler weather, there are plenty of fun crochet projects to make with yarn that you already have on hand.

Here are some of my favorite crochet patterns for Halloween.  All of these are free patterns, so grab a copy and get hooking.  These all make great gifts too.

Crochet Pumpkin Beanbag Pattern

Pattern for Free Crochet Bean Bag Decoration

Halloween Crochet Appliques

Pattern for Free Crochet Appliques

Halloween Crochet Pumpkin Hat

Pattern for Halloween Crocheted Pumpkin Hat

Crochet Witch Pattern

Free Pattern for Crochet Witch

Crochet Spiderweb Pattern

Free pattern for Crocheted Half Spiderweb

I hope you enjoy crocheting these fun Halloween crafts to decorate your home and get in the holiday spirit.

Halloween Crochet Patterns

Here are a couple of crochet patterns that I couldn’t resist sharing.  I think that these are both so cute.  The patterns aren’t free, but for only a few dollars, I think that they are still a bargain.

Crochet Scarecrow Hat PatternCrochet Scarecrow Hat Pattern

Pumpkin Lantern PatternPumpkin Lantern Pattern


Handmade Gift Wrapping

Handmade Gift Wrapping

One way to turn a ho-hum gift into something special is to make your own wrapping paper.  Taking the time to create your own wrapping paper shows the love and care you put into the gift.  Plus, making your own gift wrapping helps you try out new craft techniques, use up left-over supplies, or recycle stuff from around the house.

DIY Gift Wrapping Paper

Handmade Gift Wrapping

Image courtesy of erika g via Flickr CC 2.0

I love this gift wrapping.  You can create pretty flower and leaf motifs using a number of techniques.  Here are a few ideas for how to make your own gift wrapping.

  • Stencil designs onto paper.  You can even use brown paper bags from the grocery store for Eco-friendly gift wrap.
  • Decoupage pictures and words onto paper.  You can create some really fun and creative wrapping paper with decoupage.  Cut out some words or phrases from a newspaper or magazine to write what you want on the gift.
  • A fun craft idea for the kids is to make fruit and vegetable stamps.  You can use apples, potatoes, or whatever item you’d like to cut out a design.  Kids love using these homemade stamps to dip into paint and stamp away.
  • Cut out strips of paper and roll them up into tight circles.  This technique, called quilling, lets you create fun designs with paper.  Simply glue these paper curls onto large pieces of paper to create wrapping paper.

The beauty about making your own wrapping paper is that anything goes.  Any style, any supply and any technique works.  Just have fun with it and see where your imagination takes you.

Here are some inspiring gift wrapping ideas:


Wrap It Up: 100s of Fast, Fun, and Festive Gift Wrapping IdeasWrap It Up: 100s of Fast, Fun, and Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

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